02 January 2008


it is already here. happy new year, folks.

i have one major resolution for the new year, and it involves getting my finances under control. like most americans, i am spending a little more than i bring in over the course of a year. not too much more, but enough that i need to do something about it so it doesn't become a real problem.

plan for the new year....

1. yarn diet.
i am not buying any new yarn for 6 months. the only exception to this rule is unforeseen gift circumstances that cannot be met by my stash. (i.e. one of my friends has a baby or i need to make a birthday gift) i should have enough socks to keep me busy. and i have a sweater to get back to!

2. optional food services.
new kitty rule--no frivolous eating and drinking out. 1 drink, 1 coffee, 1 plated meal out per month. looks like friends will need to start coming over if they want to "go out" for coffee. penguingirl and i are already good at this, so i am assuming that others can catch on. i think i will get the occasional get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to tech rehearsal weeks.

3. cut out the junk.
i don't really need to buy things like shortbread cookies. i can make them, and if i want them and other things of that sort, i will have to make them at home. i guess this has the perk of being good for me health-wise too.

4. contracts.
i am way too nice as a freelance designer. i am going to be much more of a stickler on my contracts for design work. the date it says i am getting paid, i will have a check in my hand. period. same goes for reimbursement of money i front for companies.

that's the plan for now. i am sure there will be updates on how i am doing.


Cactusneedles said...

Sounds like a great plan! (If you cook and bake for yourself, then you know what's in the treats!) Have a great one!

Kevin said...

my favorite contract stipulation is always that my work is my property, not the theatre's. i.e. if i'm SMing, the prompt script is mine. don't pay me, and i walk with it.

this got a little tricky with lighting, but when i had to buy my own gels and get reimbursed, well, there we go. ever tell an SM that you're going to take the gels out if you don't get paid by midnight? they skitter something fierce!