24 January 2008

the accidental set

bereti made a set. or am making... this was an accident.

obviously it isn't matchy matchy (which i don't do) but it will be nice to have a hat and scarf that work well together. and i have a red coat that these will be great with! hooray for happy accidents.

i am really enjoying the Plymouth Happy Feet, and the hat is making me want to get more of this yarn for a pair of socks. the colors are great, and this stuff is very affordable!

after the yarn diet ends, maybe.

cashmerei am alos loving this cashmere. who wouldn't?

it was a tough decision what i woild make with it (it was a gift) but i finally decided it had to be the scarf because i wanted something that i would keep for a long time, and this baby won't go out of style any time soon.

unless global warming picks up pace.

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