12 January 2008

i have been knitting, honest!

i just have been too busy with tech to be able to post any updates. and even these pictures are a little behind because i have finished the first sock pictured here.

Baby Panda is modeling the sock as usual.

this is the Anastasia sock pattern from pepperknit. i am knitting them in ShiBuiKnits Sock in the "orchid" colorway. i am really excited about this pattern with this yarn because i have seen this yarn knit up in a plain sock, and it pools/stripes in a way that i am not fond of in this color combination, but the yarn-overs and knit two togethers break up the colors runs in a way that the striping is much prettier and less concentrated.

notice something else? yep. those are two circular needles. i decided to give my double points a rest and try these. i was mainly motivated by the fact that i have to knit fingering weight yarn on a size US 0 needle to get my gauge, and i tend to bend wooden needles smaller than a US 2. so i got myself some addi turbos for knitting fingering weight socks.

people keep asking me if i will go back to DPNs or stick with circulars and which i like better. i like them both. right now i guess i will pick what i use based on the gauge of the yarn. i can't afford to buy more circulars for sport/DK socks right now.

i have not cast on for the second sock yet because i needed a project in a different gauge for a little bit--change things up and all that. so i knit the first square of my Lizard Ridge afghan. then i ripped it out because i wasn't happy with the gauge or the way the Kureyon was striping.

i rewound the yarn into two balls and switched the ends i was working from to get a better color pattern, and so far it is looking much better. i also went down a needle size, and that is working much better too.

i'll post a picture of the square when it is finished.


Marietta said...

go circulars!!!!!!!!!!!!
(i am biased it is true)

Deb said...

I love your baby panda--did you knit that?? Did you create the pattern?! Wow!