27 January 2008

shoot your tv

sippyone of my indulgences in life is having bad TV on in the background while i am knitting or doing my budgets for work. today i heard the stupidest commercial in the world. so stupid i couldn't let it go.

it was for toothpaste and it was chastising people for drinking acidic drinks because it is bad for tooth enamel. they use wine and orange juice as examples and go on to say that when drinking acidic drinks, you should use a straw (and their toothpaste) to avoid tooth contact.

hold on a sec.
am i the only one who made the mistake in college of drinking wine from a Hello Kitty sippy cup with a straw at a theme party? in case i am the only person who ever did this, i can say now... back away from the straw. when you drink wine with a straw you will be catatonic in approximately half a glass.

no joke.
and in case none of you have ever been bitten by wine (accidentally or intentionally), rely on my straw induced mistakes and don't make this one for yourself. don't be this guy!

career goal #47
become the person who tells advertisers when they are making glaringly stupid suggestions.

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