05 January 2008

aw, shucks.

fearlessi don't know what came over me. i was reading the first Knitting Daily post of the year, and Sandi asked the question--how will you be a fearless knitter in 2008? i just had to comment. before i even knew i had done it, i hit submit.

and she included me in the mini-round-up of inspiring fearless knitter moments. how sweet!

Yvette R. inspires because she pretty much wins the Fearless Knitter 2007 award, hands down: I tried to be a fearless knitter in 2007. I taught myself to knit last January and since then I have knit socks, cables, lace, my first fair isle project and a sweater I designed for myself! Um, Yvette? You did not just try to be a fearless knitter. You ARE a fearless knitter. AWESOME!!

full post here. i am touched. knitters are great people.

so how did i conclude i would be fearless in 2008?

argyle socks.
that's right. intarsia + socks = swoons of delight

no swoons of fear!

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nuttnbunny said...

Here's to many more months of fearless inspiration! :-)