07 January 2008


snaili almost stepped on this little guy when i came home tonight! isn't he cool! i think he is out because it is unseasonably warm here.

funny how something like a tiny creature can bring simple happiness to life. i moved him off the steps and into the flower bed so he would not get smashed. way too neat to be flat!


Mark said...

He would have been delicious with some drawn butter. Do vegetarians consider molluscs to be meat?

kittything said...

i consider them non-food, and i assume most other vegetarians are with me on that.

snails are just too cute and gross at the same time to be food!

Cactusneedles said...

Wow! A snail in January!! Cool! Great job in saving him, too:)

Rhonda said...

Great picture! And kudos for finding joy in the little things! The best things in life cost nothing except that you pay attention and see them.

Love the goals for 2008 in the previous post (I am allergic to the word resolution...LOL).