02 January 2008

tasty holidays

on my way home to visit my parents for the holidays, i stopped off to visit my cousin and her husband. this was one of several high points in the out-of-town festivities.

yes, it really was that exciting! do not judge by how long it has taken me to write about it. there is a plan behind all that. you see, my FBIL (Fake Brother-in-Law) Mark is a total foodie and he writes a rather witty food blog called Eating Cleveland . so the food on that leg of my journey was a major focus (aside from the relaxing, visiting, and gifting) and he can cover it a heck of a lot better than i can.

psycho grilled cheesei will keep it simple and say that we went to a rocking little place called Melt Bar and Grilled. they specialize in grilled cheese sandwiches served with many varieties of beer. this is the kind of food that will put you in a coma--in the good sorta way. read about our visit right here.

Adventures in Food Coma Part Deux

as if grilled cheese was not enough, the next day Mark made an amazing lunch before packing me off to my parents' house. now if you read his remarks on Melt, you will know that Jess and I are on opposite ends of the eating spectrum. no meat for me, and she is convinced that carrots can bite. so he had his work cut out for him when it came to feeding us the same dish. there is one thing she and i are in 100% agreement on... mushrooms.

mushroom tartmeet Mark's mushroom tart... it was delicious, and happily he has posted the recipe. like many good recipes, it is flexible and a little different every time. you can throw in any sort of seasoning you like to make it special. happily, i was present for what mark and jess declared to be his "best tart ever".

it is very easy to make, but if you make the filling a day ahead, you will have an even more simple dish on the day you wish to serve it. the happy couple were talking over the many little tweaks mark made on this particular occasion, so i would say that you should have at this recipe with a flair for customization.

i can't wait to make it for myself! who wants to come over for dinner? yum!

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Mark said...

Ohhhh, a link. How sweet you are. I think, yeah, I'm crying a little.

-The coolest FBIL, ever.