17 January 2008

happy blog-iversary!

cakei started this blog one year ago today. i know. i can't believe it either. who thought i would ever stick with this?

since this is ostensibly a knitting and crochet blog, i should point out that a year ago i didn't know how to knit. i taught myself while watching the Superbowl last year. i like to think that one of the reasons i have come so far with my knitting is this blog. when you have people to be accountable to, you make progress.

so what have i created in one year?

blog posts: 213

finished objects: 63

39 of those FOs were knit, 23 were crocheted, and 1 project used both knit and crochet equally. 13 of these projects were designed by me or otherwise pulled from my imagination (hard to call a seed stitch scarf "designed").

what were those items?

8 knit, 1 crocheted

7 crocheted, 5 knit

2 knit, 2 crocheted

2 crocheted vest, 2 crocheted sweaters
2 knit baby sweaters, 1 knit adult sweater

5 knit, 5 crocheted

(but to be honest on myself i counted all 12 thread crocheted snowflakes as one project. i wouldn't want to be accused of numbers inflation. ha.)

6 knit pairs
no unfinished pairs or singles.

3 knit

2 knit

1 crocheted

5 knit and 3 crocheted

and in case you wonder how i have the time for all of this.... i make it happen. thatisall. i have been working a lot too, so it has been no small task. i have...

opened 14 shows, and i have 2 more designed and just waiting to be put up. i also got a part time job at my local yarn shop, and there was some alterations and stitching work in there here or there.

not too shabby.

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Mark said...

Congrats! That there blogging is a lot of work!