04 March 2007


polka dotsi went fabric shopping with my gal pal littleC. we are friends from grad school, although we were never in the program at the same time. HQH (our mentor) gave littleC to me as an assistant when i returned to design a show, and i instantly took a shine to her. she is "little"... well, because she is, and because she is like my kid sister in the program (she is a first year and i just graduated last may), even though we are the same age.

we are both goof balls from the midwest, and our adventures are always fun. today was no exception. we hit four local fabric stores and had an awesome lunch. there was much success in the land of swatching for both of our shows. swatching is "the hunt" in fabric shopping. you dig through all the fabrics, clip a small pieces off the bolt, and after elevating your blood sugar over a fine lunch, lay out everything you have beside the renderings and choose which swatches are in, and which are out.... to be all heidi klum about it.

it is a lot of fun, but swatching will wear you out. you feast on sights, sounds and textures for a few hours while moving through busy stores frantically. you can see why lunch is such a vital part of the process.

i took a few pictures of the display windows. i love the crazy tie dye because they look so happy.

tie dye

these colored silks make me think of the ubiquitous tailor in fairy tales. and that description of how wealthy the king is because he had such fine colored silks.


ps-i totally covet the orange embroidered silk at the top of the page. if only i had a reason to use it. sigh....

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