07 March 2007

soy sneak peak

almost a bagsoon this lowly tube will be a handbag. future handles are pictured above, but i still have some steps to go. when i finish this post, i need to block the tube into a reasonable purse shape so i can sew the seam and handles on this week. i also need to buy a lining because believe it or not... i don't have anything pink in my fabric stash! or purple. strange, i know since i knit and crochet almost exclusively in a purple/pink/red palette if i am not working in black.

i hope it blocks prettily. this i my first time working in the wool and soy silk blend. keep your fingers crossed. i'll probably post the finished product this weekend--items i am blocking take a while to dry in my apartment.

the new knitty came out today.
ho hum. nothing i am all that jazzed about making.

the "isabella" top is pretty, but 1. i would never wear that cut. and 2. i don't think i want to try attacking a repetitive small yarned sweater yet. to be fair on the cut, i won't wear 98% of knitwear patterns because they do not have enough waist shaping. i have about 10 inches difference between my bust and waist, and i look 5-10 pounds heavier in knits with too much ease at the waist. i hate a sweater that is fitted at the bust and hip line, and then has six inches of ease in the waist. i don't have tummy rolls, and i don't want my sweaters to give them to me.

i am considering stitch diva's simple knit bodice as my first knitted sweater. (full sweater at least. i think i'll probably make a tank or halter first.) the pattern claims to be easy enough for a first time sweater knitter. we'll see.

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