12 March 2007

here comes the bride

fitting friendoh, no no. not me. my friend of 15 years, puppyJ. she is getting married at the end of this year, and i am making her gown.

for reasons of her job, i won't be disclosing any more personal details about my friend on the blog. i would also ask that anyone whom i have spoken to about her or the wedding not use her real name or details in the comments.

the picture is of the two of us trying silhouettes at a david's bridal a few weeks back. i look silly, but puppyJ has her eyes closed under the box too. that was a heck of a flash!

this week we met for a design lunch and shopping for underpinnings. and thank goodness (and my design skills) we have a design! puppyJ wanted something very sophisticated but not too bride-y. i have to give her all the credit in the world--this girl has her head on straight about the wedding and what she wants out of her day.

the dress suits her personality and at the same time it is very functional for the day. it is perfect for dancing and hugging and spending all day on one's feet. the thing is like the best about the dress is that it is completely unaffected. puppyJ picked an evening gown style that she would wear out in another color for a special occasion.

i'm also a big fan of the beading. puppyJ wanted to do some color in her dress, but we both really wanted it to be subtle and classy. a scattering of purple and lilac beads will give it some pop and be very different from how we are seeing color in bridal gowns lately. exciting! here's hoping i can do a good job making it!

the dress

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