20 March 2007

work and a little update...

more sock progresshere's the latest progress on the sock. i finished the gusset. see how pretty the decreases are. yay! clearly i spent more time knitting in the last few days than i should. only 3 more inches of foot/instep until i start the toe deceases.

today i started work at a local knitting store. it is just part time, mostly afternoons and weekends. i took it on to help line my pockets during lean months, and the discount is a good incentive as well! with a store discount, i will actually be able to afford nice yarns.

the first day was good. i asked a lot of silly questions, of course, but the owner and my co-worker didn't seem to mind. i walked in on them talking about me. they think i'm nice, but a little shy--but not shy! clearly i am a paradox!

i'm socially awkward is the real story. it takes me awhile to warm up to people and confirm that they are okay with my quirks. after that, i'm fine. with total strangers i am just fine because there is no "track record". i just be myself and try to help.

so i did a lot of reorganizing and sorting of yarns. i did a little restocking, but not much because we need to reorder the "winter" yarns, and the summer yarns that just came in are still being tagged for inventory. i also helped two people find something for a "just because" project and buy more yarn for a project they ran out on. all in all a fine first day.

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Gwen said...

you have a blog!!
your knitting skills make me cry with shame. someday i'll pick it up again.

i wore your plaid pants. they were awesome.