23 March 2007

where the wild socks are...

wild thingspenguingirl told me my first sock looks like the creature from Where the Wild Things Are. she is pretty correct in her observation. what makes it particularly funny is that thehairyape has him tattooed on his arm. unfortunately, i cannot give the wild thing socks to thehairyape because he can't wear animal fibers.

i also think he secretly finds hand knit socks silly. i'm pretty sure most men (who don't knit) feel that way. why knit socks when you can buy them! bah.

sock finias you can see, the first sock turned out pretty well! i finished the toe decreases and closed up this morning. i am proud to say that i even grafted the toes closed for real! 100% honest to goodness kitchener stitch. it wasn't too hard either, but it does require a little bit of focus to make sure you do it correctly. the upside is that it is a perfectly seamless and invisible join. plus you can't feel it when you foot is in the sock! i hate when sock seams irritate my toes.

finished socki have already cast on for the second sock. i hope this helps prevent me from falling victim to Second Sock Syndrome.

my second sock will not match the first one exactly. BossLady taught me how to properly do a Long Tail cast on at work the other night, which is the most popular cast on used. it wasn't what i learned first, and it always confused me in the book, so i have used the Two Needle or "Knit On" method until i cast on for the second sock tonight. the second change in this sock is that i am doing a Knit 1, Purl 1 ribbing just to test the elasticity difference between that and Knit 2, Purl 2. you know, for future reference. and finally, i want to try the Eye of Partridge heel flap instead of the standard flap i learned on the first sock.

in entirely unrelated news....

congratulations go out to my friend Marietta. she had her little boy today, and by all reports he is healthy and beautiful! i also hear that her charming hubby is awfully cute in scrubs. i'm looking forward to meeting little Max--welcome little guy!

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