17 March 2007

see stripe run!

sock progressi've been pretty busy lately, so there has been little needlecraft progress to post. now that i have hit a milestone on the first sock, i decided i should share. here it is!

the leg is complete!

the orange metal at the back of the photo is the stitch holder holding the instep stitches to be worked later. (thanks for sending the stitch holders, mum!) the pink needle in the front is holding the first six rows of the heel flap--only 22 more rows until the heel turn!

i have a break from the temporary day job until thursday, so i may yet post more progress soon. but, i will probably start my new job this week, so we will see.

yes, it is true.
i am getting a more permanent day job. i'll be working at one of the local yarn stores (LYS). it doesn't pay a lot, but i think i should like it.

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