08 March 2007

new tricks

i am in the process of teaching myself how to knit socks. i cast on for this little guy a few nights ago and left the geometry project of stabby metal things sitting on my dresser until now in favor of finishing the SWS bag. reasons i am making a sock....

  1. i have heard it is the logical project to do before knitting your first sweater. build lots of technique in a little package.
  2. someone told me they aren't as difficult as they are made out to be by the non-converted.
  3. i want to know what all the fuss is about. sock knitters are a devoted bunch.
  4. heck, i can make beautiful thread crochet pieces, now i have to prove little needles and skinny yarn don't frighten me as a knitter.
  5. my friend kika gave me a pair of worsted weight socks her grandmother knit from her scrap stash and sent over from slovakia. i love those socks, and i wanna be as cool as kika's grandma.
  6. my mum can't knit socks. she has put learning socks on hold for the moment. so i plan to teach myself so i can go home for a holiday and help her make her little treat project. she bought a set of nice bamboo double points, a pattern, and a beautiful sock yarn. these treats cannot languish on the shelf! besides she taught me important stuff like how to drive (twice!)... and held my hand through the learning to sew and learning to crochet process. time to payback.

this is my first cuff (K2, P2) plus four rows of sockinette started for the "leg".

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Marietta said...

"good start" says she of the truly sock knitting converted!