19 March 2007

pick up sticks

picked up gussest rowlook at those beautifully picked up stitches! so far, so good on the gusset. in fact, the gusset is going faster than the heel flap. this is probably because i'm back to working in the round with knit stitches and not back and forth including purl stitches.

the work has become rather gratifying again because the piece is actually starting to look like a real sock. now i have to hope that i can bring myself to start over and make the second sock when i complete the first.

sock in progressi should have bought a prettier yarn to inspire me to complete the project. i wanted my first socks to be of fair quality, but without the $12-30 price tag for fancier sock yarn. you know, in case i sucked at knitting socks or hated it and didn't want to finish.

in other news regarding poor material choices, i returned the pink handles for the SWS purse in exchange for more sedate brown ones. i'll try to finish that this coming weekend. i want to finish it before the next SnB... if we have one (i hope so)!

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