10 March 2007

i'm sad.

it is very hard to find a roommate. impossible, maybe. i don't think i have impossible standards, but i still have a few. they all seem to be deal breakers.

things i have seen people seeking....
  • roommates into nudism
  • roommates who want to live with a single mother and 3 children under 7
  • or 4 large dogs
  • roommates who are willing to not cook
  • or use the bathroom (?!?!)
  • or use any space that is not their own room except to enter/exit the premises
  • or have overnight guests (not even my mom!)
  • or come/go after 9pm
  • or consume alcohol (at all, not even outside the house!)
  • or be an overnight guest somewhere else...
  • roommates who will schedule the use of the washer and dryer (one load per week)
  • and the kitchen (30 minutes at a time and no foods that smell)
  • roommates who don't mind the livingroom becoming a weekend flophouse for bands on tour
  • roommates who don't mind having their male roomie wander around in their underwear... their womens underwear.
so the world is full of puritans or looney tunes.

to make matters worse, the ones that sound okay have a major absurd flaw. they won't have me because....
  • i'm under 30
  • i'm over 23
  • i'm a vegetarian
  • i'm not a vegan
  • i don't like dogs
  • or babies
  • or multiple dogs + babies
  • i'm not the correct gender
  • i'm not the correct sexual orientation
  • i'm unwilling to spend $100+ for cable (cable alone! ack!)

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