09 June 2007

alright, alright....

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penguingirl tagged me for this meme thingy. I’m supposed to share 8 random facts about me and then make 8 more bloggers do the same. I’m not a pass-it-along kinda gal, so I’ll do my part and not torment anyone else. I can’t promise everyone won’t know these 8 things already….

  1. I did not own or wear a pair of jeans for 6 years from 1999-2005
  2. When I was little I wanted to be a Veterinarian-Painter when I grew up. I was unclear on why these two professions didn’t go well together.
  3. I loathe being tapped on the shoulder. It freaks me out because it is invasive and I think of it as being an overly aggressive way of getting someone’s attention. Just say my name, don’t tap. Plus, I have sorta bony shoulders and I despise the way a swift tap feels. Literally makes my skin crawl.
  4. I’m allergic to Champagne. Not my worst allergy (I have several) but by far the most disappointing.
  5. In high school Algebra class, I never learned how to factor. And I passed!
  6. There is a pop/rock song that was named after me. No, really…. You can even buy the EP.
  7. I love vintage, antique, and retro style jewelry. The ring I bought for myself when I graduated with my MFA is an art deco style three stone tourmaline in my 2nd favourite cut—square.
  8. I don’t have normal “favourites”. No favourite color, sports teams, drink, food, movie, book…. I think I try not to become too obsessed with any one thing.

here it is. now the world know a little more about me. i promise the next post will contain real pictures!

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