12 June 2007

remember when?

i used to only crochet? the hook has been neglected lately, but i am pleased to report that i am trying a most unusual crochet project right now--socks. i know, i know. that sounds impossible, but they are actually working out pretty well to this point. and are they ever fast! zoooom! i started them about 36 hours ago and i am about halfway through my first one. and i have only crocheted sporadically, mostly on the metro.

(yes, i know some sock knitters who are that fast, but i am no wendy. it takes me about a week to knit a sport weight sock and two or more to knit a fingering weight sock. pairs. ha! i have never actually timed my pairs. i'm just too inclined to knit a few rows and put a sock down.)

it is a very clever pattern constructed from the toe up and it uses sock weight yarn. none of that chunky slipper sock BS! i am halfway though working the gusset increases right now. i will turn the heel, make the flap, and start the ankle then switch to the second sock for awhile. i'm uncertain about how tall i can make them with the amount of yarn i have, so i think i need to work them both together. this is why i wish all sock yarns came wound in two separate balls.

wait till you see the color. it is very special. special indeed.

in other news....
the new Knitty is out!
i'm not terribly jazzed to knit any of these things right now, but there is some cute stuff. check out the patterns here. the breeze socks are pretty swell, and the lion washcloth is awfully cute. he might win my heart over and be something i knit from this issue.

tonight i'm buying the second skein i need to finish my arm warmers. pictures of arm warmers and a crocheted sock coming soon!

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