16 June 2007

showing my roots

hooked socki finished two little crocheted items.
i completed the first sock on friday morning whilst waiting for thehairyape to finish packing his bags (yes. he's on the road again).

then i started and finished a washcloth on friday night while cat sitting Toby. i was stash busting with this one, so you will have to forgive my improvisation here and there.

bauhausthe stash bust was successful! i used up three of the four end-of-skeins left over from the washcloths i made for my grandmother for Christmas. i'm trying to get my fix by working from my stash so i don't break the bank. money is going to be very tight when autumn rolls around.

with the monetary situation looking the way it is, i'm trying to brainstorm what knitted and crocheted goodies people will get for the holidays. i think i have my grandmother figured out this time.

stop the presses! this is a first. she is the hardest woman in the world to buy for because she has everything she needs and doesn't really want things she doesn't need. i hope to be more like her when it comes to stuff. i guess you perfect your definitions of "need" and "want" by the time you reach 89.

so what is this magic gift? i'm glad you asked! i'm going to riff on my theme from last christmas. i made four cheerfully colored dish clothes and presented them inside four beer mugs (things grandma needs: family, clean dishes, beer.) and she got a kick out of that. so i think i am going to make her some of those kitchen towels with the crocheted tops and present them with another useful item. i may have to go on a recon mission while i am at home for my cousin's wedding to see which items she would happily replace if given a shiny new one. i'm thinking something like a dish rack or some such.

i think i'll have to get my mom in on this one. it wouldn't be Christmas unless we were in cahoots on gift buying.

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