10 June 2007

big fun, little foods, and even some knitting...

cablesthis was a fantastic weekend. i worked hard, but i also had a lot of fun. and i even nearly finished a knitting project! oh, oh!! and thehairyape came home on thursday!

first knitting...
these are cables that are part of my hand warmers. i finished the first one and i have more than two thirds of the second one complete. i ran out of yarn. they are supposed to take almost exactly 98 yards, with just scraps left over. i bought a yarn with 100 yards per ball, and i am out. boo. buying more on tuesday, so expect full details by the end of the week.

now... life!
friday i was in dress rehearsal for my current show, and after the rehearsal, i stuck around to play cards with the lighting designer, director, stage manager, and the program director. thehairyape showed up and hung with us. it was fun. i learned how to play "Up and Down the River" (also called Oh, Hell and Rat F**k) and we ordered in pizza and bought drinks so we wouldn't have to go out and spend as much.

on saturday i painted renderings for a show, and afterward i celebrated thehairyape's birthday. he had it while he was in Alabama, and a real celebration was in order.

we went out to Uni, a sushi joint in Dupont Circle. the meal was fantastic! we started with asian pear sake and edamame, for dinner i had a vegetarian variety selection (both maki and nigiri) and avocado rolls and thehairyape had the sashimi selection and crispy spicy crawlfish rolls. we finished up splitting two deserts--green tea ice cream and sake sorbet with fruit compote.
it was amazing.

i was especially impressed with thehairyape's dish. the presentation was beautiful, and the size of the servings made it well worth the price. he was also very pleased which made me very happy.

after dinner we did presents. i gave thehairyape a lovely black cotton velvet blazer with silk satin faced notched lapels, a set of black scrubs (he likes them for relaxing) and a logitech harmony remote. he liked all the presents very much. when he put on the jacket he kept petting it and saying "wow". he even said it was very rock and roll--mission accomplished!

today we went to brunch with Parents Of TheHairyApe at Jaleo in Bethesda. (they also brought Toby home! ya!) it was delicious, and his mum got to have her favourite--eggplant flan! thehairyape ordered fried marinated shark with aioli. i know, gross, but he liked it. afterward we went to the Container Store. all very fun.

i had a meeting this afternoon, and when i returned to pick up my car, thehairyape was setting up his new remote control. i stuck around to make sure it worked out. i was very worried when i bought it that either he would not like it, or it would not live up to expectations. well... with words like "wow", "awesome", and "amazing" coming from his lips, i knew i did a good job.

this weekend he is out of town with his family, and i am staying with Toby, so i'll have to put the remote to the test.

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