08 June 2007

more by sunday

i am in tech this week for another show, so real work has taken over blogging time. i am still getting some knitting done. i finished my 2nd sock in Rowan Calmer.

this is the real man sized sock. now i have two Calmer socks, but they are not paired twins.... as you can see form my progress chart. they cannot even be described as fraternal socks. more like cousins. still no pictures, but i promise i won't keep you waiting forever.

i started the 2nd koigu socklet, and i also have a pair of little cabled arm warmers on the sticks. i will probably have progress to one of those projects by the end of the weekend.

i owe phone calls to a few of my readership.... soon, i promise! things are busy busy.

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The Trendy Tailor said...

i tagged you for a meme in my blog...check it out.