04 June 2007

first class

some of you may know that i am set to be a bridesmaid in my cousin J's wedding this fall. well, i've been upgraded from bridesmaid to Maid of Honor. to use an airline analogy badly.

J's other best gal fell through. nothing personal, just life details getting in the way of things we want to do. so i am stepping up the bridal party food chain. now, i know you are thinking it, and i have already been asked...

i am actually very happy, and honored. (not irritated. or feeling second best or whatever. forget that.) J worried about how i would feel, and i could honestly tell her i was thrilled she asked me to be in her wedding to begin with, and where i stand in line doesn't really matter. so my mother was asking if i had any new responsibilities. yes and no.

what i already committed to...
  • being J's sounding board
  • attending bridal shower
  • planning some sort of bachelorette party
  • wearing strapless hunter green stain dress
  • actually styling my hair and make-up for a change
  • setting up church and reception site
  • doing what the maid of honor says J wants
  • standing for lots of pictures
  • partying
  • tearing down after the reception
  • drinking to health and happiness of couple
new responsibilities....
  • giving speech at the reception
  • signing marriage license
  • standing for a few additional pictures
  • making sure the other bridesmaids are doing what J wants
so not a major change of gig. i guess i have to really consider getting a real haircut and maybe a manicure now. J is my oldest girlfriend in addition to being my cousin, and this is supposedly the biggest day of her life*. so i guess i should try to look good. you know, to be a sport.

*i say "supposedly" because if i know J, the day she has her first child will be even bigger!

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