18 June 2007

par-tay + crochet

clothsaturday night i was on the train going to my friend J's bachlorette party. i was all dolled up and carrying a huge gift in a pretty package and....

crocheting a dishcloth!

i know you wish you were as cool as me. you can't imagine the looks you get when crocheting in heels and a cocktail dress. i managed to finish the cloth while we were waiting for the metro after the first part of the evening. if you enlarge the photo, you may notice the familiar granite of a metro bench.

J liked the yarn, so i gave her the cloth as soon as i finished it. she thought it was a little funny--promising it away before i finished it. i'm not making dishcloths because i need them. i'm doing it to entertain myself.

here's the only treat from the party you get to see... the rest is just for me and the girls.

fun shirt
this is the shirt i made for J. that is her future hubby, and if you can't see his speech bubble well, it says "Ho it up, Babe!". that is what J's man told her when she asked him what she should wear for her big night. sorry about the censor bar--text you don't need to read!.

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