21 June 2007

square one

wedding throwone could say i need another project like i need another hole in my head, but i picked one out today. this is a shoddy picture of the yarn. colors: sage green, olive green, cream, and slate purple. they make a nice combination for a throw.

this throw.

wherefore dost kittything fashion yonder throw? because 1. i am pretty broke, and 2. i need a nice gift for an important person, and 3. i need it before august 3rd.

i can make nicer gifts than i can afford to buy (bless my store discount), and the recipient of this gift has an appreciation for handmade items to boot!

i already have the first square crocheted, and it is drying right now. i like to block the individual parts of projects too big to block as a whole piece in my tiny apartment.

i'm very excited to see how this turns out. wheee!

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