14 June 2007

bi-craft-ual and proud

socks rockthere is never a dull moment here at Chez Kittythin(g). yesterday i intended to have a nice day devoted to catching up on all the rest i lost working so hard last week and the beginning of this week (many late nights and too much public transportation). all was going well until about 9:15.

kittything: (brightly) hiya!
thehairyape: um, hi. what are you doing right now?
kittything: i'm at home....
thehairyape: i think i need you to take me to the emergency room.

so i picked him up, and away we went. the up side of all this is that i now know Holy Cross is a good hospital to go to (if you must) in suburban Washington. the down side is that thehairyape has a corneal ulcer and a nasty case of conjunctivitis. in layman's terms: a boo-boo on his cornea and pink eye. he has ointment, a referral to a new eye doctor, and soon he will also have new glasses.

i bet you are asking yourself right now what any of this has to do with a crocheted sock. i'll tell you! i had ripped out the heel turn three times yesterday evening, and i was near on to giving up when i got the call... so i took the sock with me and forced myself to figure out the heel turn and flap while waiting at the hospital. as you can see from the photo, i am halfway through the flap! yay!

these babies are moving right along, and so far they fit like a dream. i'm starting to think, however, that i have a "sock speed". in numbers of days, they are working out to a similar pace as my knit socks do.... but i work on them less each day than the knits. maybe i have developed an artificial time line for socks.

anyway, i'm pretty pleased that my trusty old crochet is stepping up and serving socks well.

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