28 June 2007

can you believe it?

pot brai have neither knit nor crocheted in 4 whole days. this is what happens when work takes over. those who also work in my field get it--if you spend all day generating creative objects, going home to another project (even of your own choice) can be difficult.

as you can see, i have spent most of my mojo on things like marijuana print bras and the angels featured in a post last week.

2 days until costume fittings.
5 days until dress parade.

i purposely took that photo in front of my sewing machine so i could show her off. the bra didn't need the machine at all, but i like my little Genie. she's a Singer from the 1970s.

sadly, Genie has a belt that is going, i think. i have to demand the bobbins wind when i use that feature and i can feel the belt not catching inside when it won't turn. sigh. oh, well. i know i got the machine in the mid-1990s, and it hasn't been serviced since Mum and I took it home from my grandmother then. and i can honestly say i don't know when my grandmother had it serviced before that.

so she is probably due, but i don't really have the $100 to get it done. will find a way.

i'll probably crochet while working at the store today. i may also bring pics of the great reorganization i did in our cottons and our kids yarn sections.

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Marietta said...

so what size is that bra?....