15 October 2007

the big mushy post

i am back from the wedding, and there are so many things i could say... wow. what a weekend! it was very special for our family in many ways.

the day was beautiful. Jess was even more lovely. Mark cried like a little boy. and now they are married! i managed to get some pictures, but not many because i was 1. busy and 2. enjoying the moment too much to bother with a camera much of the time.

Mark and Jessie on the steps of St. John's Church. this is our family church. my parents and jess's parents were married here as well as our grandparents and many of our other relatives. we forgot to have the photographer take this shot, so i did it with my camera. i wanted Jess to get one on the steps because i love the picture of my parents on St. John's steps after their wedding.

my parents on the steps of St. John's in August of... 1978? my mum is wearing her own mother's wedding dress, and yes my father is in a tan leisure suit. you are not mistaken if you find yourself asking "are those platform shoes?" similarity i love between the two pictures... both brides look lovely and happy. both grooms have a funny look on their face.

my parents dancing at the wedding. isn't that sweet? working on 30 years and they still like each other! a lot! another exciting things about this weekend was a special anniversary. jess and i's uncle pat (my dad's brother) and aunt judy celebrated their 40th anniversary on sunday.

Jess and I together. my mother really wanted a picture of the two of us together all done up. and smiling! obviously we were standing together at the church, but there was a lot of happy crying happening.

we have an ongoing debate... do jess and i look alike? both of us say no, but mark insists that we do. maybe more now than back in the day...

jess and i before prom in 1998. notice that jessie is always the pretty princess and i always have the big hair. not that i am complaining... jessie is a princess (the good kind!) and i do have a lot of hair.

before we leave that subject entirely, let's meet a prince charming... this is my cousin carl escorting jess's mom to her seat. as i said... this was a big day for our family. aunt maureen was in a very serious car accident right after jess and mark got engaged. she has had many surgeries and a very long and painful recovery. her goal was to walk down the aisle at her daughter's wedding. she succeeded, and even surpassed the desired goal.

aunt maureen and uncle tom were able to dance together at their daughter's wedding. when it seems like a perfect day cannot get any better--it does.

i will close with one last picture...

me with our cousin alison. this was the day after the wedding. i was writing down the gifts as mark and jess opened them, allison was having fun with my camera. she is a rockin' photographer, and i can't wait to see the shots she got at the wedding.

so that's it. there are a million stories. little mishaps. big laughs. i'm sure i'll be retelling them for years to come.

coming soon to a blog near you.... crafty content, including a gift i managed to finish while traveling to and from the wedding.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post. You look so lovely and happy. Your cousin and you are knockouts! What a fun day it looked like. I especially liked the photo of Mom and Dad on the church steps...brought back memories of my wedding...hubby in a plaid suit and me in a suit and hat circa 1974! Wow what memories. We too are working on 30 plus...many happy years. Many happy returns to the newly weds and the rehersal bouquet was great! Your secret swap pal!