30 October 2007

mail call!

fall into autumn swap goodiesyesterday i was dashing out the door when i was stopped in my tracks--my Fall Into Autumn package arrived! i didn't have a set in stone schedule, so i opened it up on the spot. wow, talk about goodies.
my spoiler spoiled me a lot.

as you see from the picture....
  • 5 (yes, 5!) dishcloths. including two diagonal garter stitch, and two picture ones (a bug and a bat) as well as a round one. i love round cloths! yay!
  • a pattern book
  • sock shaped point protectors. cutest thing in the world. we all know how i feel about socks.
  • handmade vanilla oatmeal soap that smells amazing.
  • size 7 bamboo needles (i have been using my 7 a lot lately. now i have bamboo and not just aluminium)
  • a halloween kitty with googley eyes that came in her own halloween bag.
  • pumpkin stationary.
  • a batty halloween bracelet
  • halloween buttons
  • a skein of black Cotton Ease, which i have never tried but have been wanting to.
  • and a pretty Monet print card.
the whole thing came packaged up dappled in halloween confetti. i point this out because this is the first time i ever successfully opened a package with confetti and didn't have it go all over the place. this is very good because i get cards from Certain Nameless Friends that contain confetti and i get fooled every time. confetti everywhere. i still find little teal sparkle dots from a birthday card i opened two years ago..... in a different apartment.

i'm not sure how that is possible.

thank you Donna! i love my package. i now have to chuckle because you said you were worried you couldn't surprise the yarn store gal. you did more than an admirable job. i love it. i hope your spoiler was as sweet to you as you were to me!

now i need to cool down my use of exclamation points a bit.

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Donna said...

Hi Yvette, I'm so glad your package arrived. I had such fun getting to know you. Enjoy all your goodies and the white cloth is supposed to be a skull and cross bones. I tried! Have fun.