20 October 2007

what's in a name

i have been meaning to write this post for a few months now. finally the day has come when the misspelling of my blog name and/or misinterpretation of its purpose in life has crossed the line into the absurd. so here is the story of my blog's name....

back in the 1990s when we all had to code our own html to have what were then known as Online Journals, i had a nickname given to me by some girlfriends. that nickname was kittythin(g). this was my public nickname because half the time one or more of them just called me skinnybitch (i was the smallest of our group and the one most likely to act as the enforcer).

it stuck. the few gals i am still in touch with do call me "kitty" as a term of endearment. so i used the nickname as my blog name because i'm just creative that way.

why this long explanation?

1. because knitters think the name is knittythin(g). nope. i write a lot about knitting, but the name is "meow".... not K2,P2.
2. i was sent an online test to determine which lolcat i am... with very little explanation for the choice. i was perplexed. i only know what a lolcat is because madhatternalice sends me one like.... every other hour. while this blog may have a lot of grammatical errors, it is not associated in any way to pictures of kitties doing giggle-worthy things.

i did take the test. i am serious cat. as if that was not obvious enough based on this post.

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