01 October 2007

free from the asylum

sometimes a big show with very crazy energy makes you feel a bit like you have been trapped inside the asylum--attempting to run it. well, we are open, and the inmates are left to run it themselves. woot!

i feel a bulleted list is in order to full cover the goings on...
  • my sewing machine is sick. please think good thoughts for it because i need to take it to the doctor. boo.
  • saw the show on friday night with the toughest theatre critic i personally know, and he had good things to say about what he saw. he even tip toed up to the line of gushing about my design. (his gushing would still be seen as sedate.) made me happy. yay.
  • stuffed all the unused costumes back into my car saturday afternoon. there were still a lot, even though there is now a whole show upstairs on racks! it took many trips up and down the Stairs of Doom, and much cramming. now i just need to give it all back to the theatres i borrowed from.
  • opened the beast on saturday night. i wore my favourite Really Hot Red Dress. it is a riff on the classic Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, and i always feel really good when i wear it. oh, yeah... the show was good too. ha. looking good and laughing a lot. that was what the evening was about. we also had a party at the theatre after the show. it was fun. there was wine and middle eastern food.
  • sunday i had my first meeting for Life's a Dream at Journeyman Theater. while the director and i did not get overly specific about what we are going to do, it was fun and very informative. plus, i never realized how punk rock Byzantine fashion really was. ha.
  • i had dinner over at A and R's place. her brother was in town from philly for the day, and he cooked an awesome roasted vegetable and phyllo dough pie. fantastic! A's brother rocks. always happy to see him, and this time i got to meet his pretty lady friend. very cool. and to top off the fun there... the little boy was in a good mood and let me play with him a lot. we swapped hats several times, and there was much giggling over the eating of baby toes.
  • i am ready to turn the heel on my 2nd southwestern sock. finally! and i cast on for the 2nd log cabin sock! gotta get my act together!
  • my cousin's wedding is in less than 2 weeks. i am so excited and freaked at the same time. woot!

the latest Fall Into Autumn topic next time....

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