19 October 2007

hat-o-rama part one

without actively deciding to, i seem to have made the hat my project of choice lately. several reasons... we needed more hat store models at work. i was itching to get back to my crochet, and a crocheted hat is a glorious thing. hats are my entry level gift, and i have several new handmade gift recipients this year. if i have never made you a gift before, i will probably start with a hat. (if you are lucky enough to make the list!) i don't really like making scarves very much, and a hat takes me less time and keeps my interest to the end. i don't like to begrudge gifts i have made.

than being said... let's meet the store models i made. we will start with the more prissy of the two.

Lace Edged "Sitting Pretty" Hat
designed by Louisa Harding
published in hats gloves scarves:
easy designer knits for family and friends

knit in Frog Tree Merino (1 ball #204, 100% Merino Wool) from Knit+Stitch=Bliss on size US 7 24" addi turbo needles.

started: october 4, 7, and 8 2007
finished: october 9, 2007

yes, that is correct. i started this project over several times. you know those projects that just give you fits? there is no reason why they should. they are not particularly difficult. you have done the techniques before... so on.... this was one of those.

we started out on the wrong foot, and i didn't get the upper hand again until the end. (wow! way to mix a metaphor, kitty!) it all began when i cast on and started knitting in the round. then i get to row 5 and see "on each WS row". wait. things knit in the round never get knit on the wrong side.

it went downhill from there. who knits hats flat then sticks a seam in them? a lot of people, apparently! just not me. i mean, derr. that is why they invented handy things like, i don't know... double pointed needles!

i will say that if you like the pattern, please knit it. but knit it flat, or take the time to mentally convert the pattern. also, use stitch markers to indicate the lace repeat. it will make your life so much easier, especially in the rows with double decreases.

two great things about this project. the yarn rocks. i love this stuff. it is worth every penny (and they aren't even that many pennies). the colors and hand are amazing. second great thing--top decreases. they are beautiful. the seems a little big when you are doing the lace (even at gauge!) but i think they do that so you will have a longer set of decreases. they spiral around the crown of the hat and look A+.

hat number two is another store model. this time i wrote up a pattern and crocheted a hat from a single skein of Manos. so....

Manos del Uruguay One Skein Beanie
designed by kittything
pattern available free with purchase of yarn at Knit+Stitch=Bliss

crocheted in Manos del Uruguay (1 skein #105 "Lava", kettle dyed 100% wool) from Knit+Stitch=Bliss with a size J Laurel Hill hardwood crochet hook.

started: september 5, 2007
finished: september 6, 2007

this was my fast and easy distraction from the evil lace hat. i started it because i wanted something that was totally the opposite of the lace hat. i succeeded--manly, crocheted, and easy! it was fun to work on, and i had never crocheted Manos before.

i think it turned out pretty well.
it looks good next to its friend for life--the pompom hat knit in #105 "Bramble". Lava and Bramble... BFFs despite their different modes of creation. ahh, to see the intercraftual love.

(ps- i did not knit the bramble hat. my work pal A. knit it. yay!)

next week, tune in to see how beanies and tiny needles took over the world.

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