11 October 2007

there goes the bridesmaid....

i'm off to ohio for a few days to see my big-sis-type-cousin down the aisle. before i go i want to share a terrifying craft wrought by my own two hands for the bride.

this is the bouquet....

the rehearsal bouquet, that is. we follow the silly tradition of making it from the bows off the packages received at showers. J. had 4 showers (long story) so she had a ton of bows. i even threw out the ones that got really nasty or mangled and only used quality bows for this terrifying double sided monstrosity.

i love it.
let's hope airport security doesn't steal it from me.

i also got my hair cut and the gal blew it out for me, so i thought i would share. it basically looks the same, but all the yuck has been cut away. i like this gal. she understands and appreciates long hair. even when you are living in a Bob Only town.

back next week. i'll have a real knitting update and i will actually do next week's Fall Into Autumn topic.

1 comment:

gwen said...

I feel like i've never seen you with your hair down.
Or maybe not that straight.

I miss your FACE.

that express beaded top is doin me good in the show. Love it.