27 October 2007

we all need a little support

thank you to all the concerned citizens of the Fall Into Autumn Swap. my pal's address was rescued from the abyss.

and another form of support....

Frederick's of Hollywood and Clothes Off Our Back just had the 4th Annual Lingerie Art Auction. there is an auction of celebrity designed corsets for charity pruposes. check them out here.

they are pretty cool.... for the most part. and some were designed by men. now, i was suspicious that these were (as most this "star" designed) not at all designed by the people who sponsored them. but some make a lot of sense with the celebrity. and then there are one's like what Jeremy Piven and Debra Messing designed.... not only do they look like the stars designed them--they look like they made them too. Jeremy Piven clearly loves a Beadazzler.

no really, go look. Bradly Whitford will surprise you.


hopalong682003 said...

Some of them were quite pretty, but Hillary Swank's was a little bit scary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvette! This is your "blog mom". I mailed out your package priority so I hope you get it soon. I tried to keep it light and fun, so I hope everything is ok. I will love to have coffee with you in Bethesda. I will let you know when I am in town and we can visit your shop together. I love your mini socks. I make them and give them with mini sweaters as Christmas presents. I thread skinny satin ribbon through the top and hang them on the Christmas tree! Have a Happy Haloween.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Glad you worked out the missing address. Everyone I "meet" in this swap has been great.