08 October 2007

we'll get through this together

i have been very neglectful because i seem to only get busier and busier. here is the short version.

go see The Trial at Catalyst Theatre Company. there are some very good performances, and the show has some pretty (awesome) disorienting moments. some cast members claim it isn't tight enough yet, but i dug it.

the reviews are out for The Arabian Nights. Nelson was very sweet to us in The Post. we are a Potomac Stages Pick. and then DC Theatre Scene seems to have sent a gossip columnist to review a theatre show. everyone is allowed to have their own opinion about a show, but i think people will pay more attention to your opinion if you don't go in for name calling mixed with inane compliments like "Most of the ensemble had to memorize an extraordinary number of lines for their multiple parts, and they do an excellent job". i am at a loss....

7. numbers of days in a row i have worked in some capacity for the store. i'm tired. but i did make a cool store model (crocheted hat), which i can take a picture of on tuesday.

i am being thwarted by a lace edged hat pattern i am trying to knit for the store. this thing is going to drive me to distraction. i have frogged it three times. i am on attempt number four and i have had to tink whole rows twice already and tonight during the greenbay v. chicago game, i threw it in disgust. yes, i chose football over knitting. i'm looking up errata after this.... rar.

on a positive note, i finished my southwestern socks on wednesday night. go me. pictures and project details tomorrow. related to that, i was able to try the first completed log cabin sock on a large male foot, and it was perfect. and beautiful! yay cables. the receiver will have nothing to complain about. yay!

ps- picture is from the show.... knitting pics tomorrow.

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