22 October 2007

oh, my eyes.

it is no wonder crochet gets such a bad name. people with absolutely no taste design things that are supposed to be whimsical, but in reality, they are just horrifying.

udder scarfi barely have words.

i mean, a cow print scarf could be fun.... maybe. but only for an adorable child. who loves cows. and it under the age of 8.

but i have to know.... udders?!?! why, oh, why?

just looking at this scarf makes me feel sort of dirty. like i am violating a cow's privacy or something.
they aren't even very realistic looking, but there is something about the intent that gives me the heebeegeebees.

this is what i get for not being able to maintain a normal sleep schedule--my eyes burned out from late night browsing.

from What Not to Crochet.


Anonymous said...

I guess they thought it was a cute idea. It is sort of kitchy, I guess. I wouldn't be caught dead in it though. I will be sending out you goodie box this week, so keep your eyes pealed. I so enjoyed our swap and I will of course be checking in on you regularly. i kind of think of myself as your blog mom, so I will keep an eye on you.

Jen said...

But I was so desperately hoping you would make me this as my christmas gift this year. I still wear the other scarf you made me, so why not this one?! :)