15 March 2007

it's raining, it's pouring!

mariettalast night i attended a baby shower for my friend marietta. she is due in about three weeks, but her little boy, Max, may have to come a little sooner. apparently he has comfortably set up shop feet first. i'm still hoping he will be nice to his mom and adjust before his big debut.

the party was held at the home of one of marietta's bosses (she works for a theatre, you have a lot of bosses in theatre) and most of the guests in attendance were friends from work. one of her friends from high school who now lives in the area was also present. i was very happy to be invited since i don't work with her company all the time, but marietta has been one of the best parts of the time i do get to spend there.

baseballi had a lot of fun. mostly because it wasn't a showery shower. i mean, we did the two things i think you must do at every shower 1. eat. 2. shower gifts and attention on the honoree. marietta is not a frilly person, so not having balloons, streamers, and games involving dirty diapers made of chocolate probably suited her just fine.

despite her non-frilly nature you will see from the photos that marietta has a healthy love of things small and precious. the baseball sleeper was a present from the hostess, and it brought out one of those "awww"s you only hear over babies or kittens and puppies.

another friend of ours who is expecting her second baby just two weeks after marietta gave her been there, done that wisdom in the form of toys and books that served her well with her first daughter.

i went for gifts that would serve her more a little down the line. i gave her two books: Where the Wild Things Are (his name is Max after all) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar (a favourite of mine when i was little). i also had to do some subversive clothing including the mom tattoo shirt picture below and a red onesie on which i embroidered a skull on the pocket. i went for bigger sizes because i am sure he will outgrow things in five minutes.

i heart mom

Baby's First Tattoo


Bad to the Bone!


congratulations marietta!

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Marietta said...

of course you posted the pic with my fat arms!!!

thank you for my little pressies - fritz loves them too!!