25 July 2007

block party

unblockedhere is a little taste of my soon to be complete crocheted squares throw. here you see unblocked squares, and below we have squares being blocked. because these squares are worked in the round, they desperately need to be blocked to achieve a good square shape.

because, really, who wants a wonky throw? certainly not i!

i find myself to be on topic this week. over at Knitting Daily they are discussing the wonders of blocking and blocking techniques.

blockedi personally like to wet block my items. (fully soak, wring out in a towel and pin down when damp.) i will steam block knitting if i am in a hurry, but i never steam block crochet because it makes it act out in unkind ways. i think it has to do with the nature of crochet stitches--each one is an independent little entity. as opposed to knit stitches that form a united front. independent = mind of its own.

i am using my yoga mat to pin down my blocking. this means i can only do four squares at a time. so i have one more full batch of squares plus one last friend to block before i can sew these darlings together.

then i get to crochet a border. yippie. i need to start gifts sooner in the future!

in other news, i have a new keyboard. my poor old keyboard started a fight with a jar of pickles and lost. i know. a tragic briny death. sigh.

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Marietta said...

i lok forward to seeing the end result - gives me the idea to rip out the afgahan i started and start something new