22 July 2007

i am a good friend.

scarfyes, indeed i am. for two reasons.

1. i have begun my holiday knitting
2.i am keeping a house guest in my tiny domicile for 2 full weeks.

i am sure there are others reasons, but those are the best two i have at the moment.

this is the promised fiber post!
see! i am knitting! this scarf is going to be a holiday present for one of my friends. i have two candidates for the recipient. it depends on the final outcome. i have another scarf i am starting soon, and that will decide who gets which. i know... odd. but i sometimes think the personality of the finished pieces should tell me the future owner.
i really like this particular yarn knit up in this rib. i don't know what this rib is called, but i love it! you can love it too. here's the pattern for my scarf...

Cast on 25
Knit 4, Purl 1, repeat across, ending with a Knit 1.
bind off, and ta-da.

this yarn is very cool in general. it is called Tonalita, and it is made by Trendsetter Yarns. it is self-striping, but the stripes aren't perfectly regular. they blend together in fun ways. i really like this particular colorway because it has unexpected combinations.


tobyhere's my house guest. he likes to hide underneath things, and in this photo, he thinks he is "hiding" because his head is beneath the blanket on the bed. silly kitty.

as i said, i get to enjoy him for 2 weeks because his main man is on assignment out of state. i am sort of doing a favor for thehairyape by taking the kitty, but i do love toby so it isn't really a hardship. kittything = cat lover. and good friend.

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