28 July 2007

twisty taupe

cablesi worked at the store today, and we had a good sales day. but i had an even better knitting day. i cast on for the swatch on this baby at 10:15 AM, and i bound off before i walked out the door at 6pm. one more holiday knit down!

what is it, you may ask? why, it is a loss-proof scarf, of course. or a neck tube, if you prefer. but don't call it a cowl because it is for a man, and men don't think cowls are very manly. the details....

Cherry Garcia Cabled Neck Tube
designed by Adrian Bizilia
published on www.HelloYarn.com
neck tube
knit in Madil "Iceland" (1 ball #264 Natural, 100% superwash wool) on a 16" addi turbo circular needle.

started: july 28, 2007
finished: july 28, 2007

why is it called Cherry Garcia? well, the hand spun yarn the designer used was a pinky blend that fit the name. mine is a little more sedate. and it is obviously a gift because taupe does nothing for me!

i learned one important thing with this project. i hate those "U" shaped hook style cable needles. give me my straight one with a divot. please!

in other holiday knitting news, i finished the second ball of Foliage for the seed stitch scarf. and the verdict is in... i'm going to have to use at least part of a third ball. i want a healthy gift scarf, after all. after i get a decent length, whether or not i use the full third ball will be decided by how "over it" i am with working in the seed stitch.

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