25 July 2007

happy 100!

one ballcan you believe it? we have made it to 100 posts! in much less than a year! obviously i have been an active little knitter and crocheter!

here's a little knitting progress check to honor the occasion.

i finished the first ball of yarn on the seed stitch scarf. seed stitch is a little tedious, but is it ever pretty! it really makes this yarn work, too.

when you see (and feel) Berroco Foliage on the ball it seems a little cheap. well, the price tag is small, so you can't fault it too much. but the seed stitch gives Foliage some integrity. it goes from borderline novelty thick and thin to lovely texture just like that. and the drape is fantastic.

i don't know if i would make a whole sweater out of this particular yarn, but i think it has potential for accessories.

i'm not sure if two balls will be enough to make a healthy scarf. the jury is still out, but at the price, i think i can "splurge" on a third ball to make a nice holiday gift.

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