22 July 2007

one more time with feeling

reefer madnessi promise that this is the last of my shameless self-promotion posts related to Reefer Madness. but, really, if i don't promote myself, then who will? ha!

first up we have The City Paper review by Glen Weldon here. it is mixed. i think the overall idea is "ehh, go see it. especially the square guy in the bow tie" (Larry, pictured at left) Keith did get props for his driving obsession with the show--simplify it so it doesn't suck the way past productions have.

the real love coming my way is from Brad Hathaway over at Potomac Stages. you can read his review here.

and i would like to take this oppurtunity to say that while Potomac Stages isn't regarded as the top reviewing organization on the planet by any means, i strongly respect one thing they always try to do--um... at least mention the design. they are an online publication so, they don't have certain concerns that are entirely unrelated to content that print publications have. like the number of inches they have been given in the style section and the cuts that will make a review fit.

so they are at a slight advantage space-wise, but i also think that they try just a tiny bit harder to touch on the whole production. and i appreciate that. i am not just saying this because this review was good for me. i am saying it because it is true. now the Betrayal review had not word one about my costumes, but they really paid some mind to the lighting, which was a starring element in that show. (unlike the costumes) and that is what i mean. they pay attention and talk more about the production then the life history of the author or carp on about past productions.

so... thank you!

remember that fiber related post i promised?


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