18 July 2007

hello Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea!

let's go to press! flash!

Washington Post Not as Lefty as Previously Accused!


Hipster Youth Love Pot and Parody!

and now the weather!

let take off my 1930s journalist hat for a minute. whew! the reviews are coming out for Reefer Madness. they are mixed, but that is usually the case. the good news is that you can see a picture of Bobby and Chan! please admire her trashy make-up and ample d├ęcolletage. i adore that woman.

if you would like to read the reviews, you can Peter Marks' Post review here.

and Missy Frederick over at DCist chimes in here.

funny thing is that thehairyape introduced me to Peter before the show. this made me very nervous because who really wants to shake hands with the designer they are about to critique? we both had a nervous laugh over it and i squeaked out a little "be nice" with a giggle.

talking about looking like the girl who just fell off the turnip truck from ohio!

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