23 July 2007

it's raining... yarn?

swatchtoday as i was having a walk around my block, i discovered this little oddity near my driveway. a crocheted cotton swatch! on the ground! all by itself!


i decided the yarn gods are sending me a sign. i'm not sure what the sign is just yet, but i thought i needed to record the moment. when i trotted out with my camera to take the picture and inspect the piece more carefully, i realized this isn't just a swatch. see the little hook? apparently this is an earring.

a poor, misguided crochet swatch earring. and now a lost one, at that.


in other news, i watched High Fidelity last night, and this means the Tonalita scarf has doubled in size since i took the photo yesterday. i am officially well into the 2nd ball of yarn. yay.

toby woke me up at 5:30am today by discovering that he can reach a window from my bed. fourtunately i can fall back to sleep easily. i'm glad he is out and about finally and not hiding under the bed all the time. he actually sat under my chair last night while i was watching the movie and knitting. i'm enjoying my house guest.

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