17 July 2007

one man's trash

the bar is openon saturday i went on an adventure with my friends A and R and their cutie pie little boy. they moved out here last week, and the adventure was... local yard sales!

i wasn't that interested in the sales, more so the company, but i was very happy to lend my knowledge of the area to my friends so they could find the things they need for the new apartment. well, i should say i was not very interested in the sales until we hit out last stop, an estate sale.

the house was so cool, and the things they were selling were awesome. lots of antiques, art, and kitsch from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. that's where i found this guy!

his nose lights up when you plug him in! i think it is the best $3 i have spent in a long time.

i promise a real fiber-related update soon.

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