19 July 2007


jimmy and maryWashington Times not as Righty as Previously Accused!!!


Pot Brassieres New Fashion Hit for 1936!

and now the stock market!

the Times review is out, and they were surprisingly kind to the show. the Times pretty much pans anything slightly to the left, and you could say that political satire like Reefer madness is a bit lefty. you can read the review here.

then again, almost no one in America today gives two hoots about pot compared to say... immigration. or terrorism. so maybe the power of this piece is more quaint and entertaining than subversive.

anyway, check out the review. i get a nice healthy full sentence. funny thing is that the reviewer liked my least favourite costumes in the show the best! hm. different tokes for different folks.

i made a weed joke.

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