24 July 2007

rib-it! rib-it!

tonalita scarf not to be confused with rip-it! rip-it!

i finished the first holiday scarf! i love quick big needle knitting. i know these aren't monster needles, but when you have been working on US 2 for socks, a US 9 feels like a broomstick in your hand.

the details...

Tonalita Ribs Scarf
no "designer"
pattern found on a store model at Knit + Stitch = Bliss

knit in Trendsetter Yarns Tonalita (2 balls of #2349 Bright Multi. 52% Wool, 48% acrylic) on size US 9 addi turbo needles.

started: july 21, 2007
finished july 23, 2007

stitch detailthis one was fast and fun. i love it so much that i almost don't want to give it away as a gift. i guess that means i really should give it away because it will be an awesome gift.

i don't know if i mentioned this, but i am trying to have a Mostly Handmade Holiday this year. i'm pretty broke $$-wise, and i get a discount at the shop. so handmade gifts it is! i'm going to be an awesome knitter before the year is out.

in my relentless drive to get handmade gifts done (i know it is july but i have a long list and i am not a fast knitter) i have started the next scarf. this one will go very quickly because it is knit on even bigger needles than the Tonalita Ribs. the inches you see are the result of about an hour total of rather unfocused knitting (i was on the phone for some of it). i even ripped back once. so, yeah. it will be a quick little seed stitch scarf.

seed stitch

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