20 July 2007


i can now see why so many people get hooked on many many knitting/crochet/craft/whatever blogs and communities. because when you stick to a few, the broken promises start.

i'm as guilty as the next person. it has been nearly three week since i did a fiber related post, but i have posted actual content of interest to someone. okay.... so that someone is my mom, but she counts too!

i guess i am disappointed because i'm not getting my fix. What Not to Knit and What Not to Crochet keep redesigning their layout, but no new posts. Crochet Me is on a revamping hiatus, and finally the long awaited june surprise is up on The Anti-Craft.

I think this is why i started reading Wendy Knits. she updates a lot, and because it is the Summer of Socks, she has lots of pretty pretty to share.

so what's my excuse? since i am 2/3rds finished with the throw and you are yet to glimpse more than the yarn in a bag? well, lighting mostly. i have a hard time photographing my projects well in my usually dim little apartment, and this one is extra tough because it is becoming big.

so i promise i am taking it to work with me today, and i will lay it out in the well lit classroom at the back of the store and snap a few pics. hopefully i will have this darling finished by the end of next week! (6 squares down, 3 to go!)

i need to start my holiday handmade goodies!

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