27 July 2007

mutant she-devil of doom

i took my car into the dealer to be repaired this week. unfortunately, the dealer will not be repairing my car because they seem to think i don't have a brain between my ears.

an example of this, you ask?

today i replaced the light bulbs that illuminate my rear licence plate. no, i did not, in fact take my car to the shop to have the bulbs replaced. that was something the technician decided he needed to do for me.... or was going to until i told him where to shove it. why did i tell him to put his light bulbs where the sun don't shine?

1. i own a screw driver, and i know how to use it.
2. light bulbs cost $4.72 at Pepboys.
3. my thumbs are, in fact, opposable.

the whole operation took me 15 minutes to complete (that long because i grabbed the wrong screwdriver the first time) and as i mentioned, cost $4.72.

did my hands get dirty? yes.
did i break a nail? no.
would it have been worth the $70.00 (no joke) they were going to charge me? heeeeeeell no. not as long as i have opposable thumbs.

and, really, people... if i were the kind of gal who could spend $70 replacing a light bulb, don't you think i would drive something other than a used 2002 Hyundai Accent? nothing against a Hyundai--i love mine. but come on, don't you think i would at least go for the Elantra? or get frisky with a Tiburon?

oh, no.
no thanks, i want a used Accent!?!


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