01 August 2007

don't call me granny

shower gifti finally finished the throw, and not a moment too soon! i am heading out of town on friday at the crack of dawn, and this baby needed to be complete before i left. i am overall relatively pleased with the results. my one complaint is that i wish the blocking had been more effective, i guess. crocheting squares in the round makes for not always as-square-as-desired... um... squares. the details....

Squared Afghan
designed by a nameless cog over at LionBrand
published as free pattern number 70201A on their website

crocheted in Plymouth Encore (2 balls 0256 "off white", 2 balls 1232 "sage", 2 balls 452 "slate purple", 2 balls 045 "olive", 75% acrylic, 25% superwash wool) purchased at Knit + Stitch = Bliss on a size "L" crochet hook.

started: june 21, 2007
finished: august 1, 2007

clearly i became pretty busy in the middle of this little project (and it went to the back burner when the knitting bug would bite) so it took me longer than usual to complete. i would recommend it is you are looking for something easy and portable. this is the kind of thing that is more fun to do without a deadline because you can pick it up to satisfy a crochet urge and put it down when you would really rather be knitting socks or chugging along on a sweater.

i did mine in Encore because i am giving it as a gift, and i know the recipient will value the machine wash/dry aspect of the yarn. it would be a great pattern for a larger size baby blanket--or cut back to 2x2 squares instead of 3x3. you would only need one ball of each color in that case. even doing 9 squares with a border this baby comes in under $50.

i am totally the cheapskate's martha stewart. "great gifts under $50!" and "holiday gifts under $20!" will be my calling.

and speaking of cheapness... it doesn't feel gross. i know there is a lot of acrylic, but this yarn actually feels softer crocheted up then it does on the ball. so don't be too scared--it certainly isn't Red Heart or that crazy Wintuk nonsense.

off to take my family to see Reefer Madness. have you gone yet? get! get!

updates resume when i return from ohio on monday.

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